World vice-champion, absolute Europe champion, honoured CSSR champion of sports

During my sports career I took part in 62 contests in total achieving the following results:
The CSSR Champion
Europe Champion
1975 Amsterdam, absolut. winner
1977 Nimes
IFBB World Championship
1976 Montreal - 4th place
1977 Nimes - 3rd place
1978 Acapulco - 2nd place

Petr Stach - Brief history of my sports career

I took up regular and systematic bodybuilding at the age of 16 in 1965. We acquired information periodically from magazines Sport dla wsystkych (Sport for all), Štart (Start), and Trenér a Cvičitel (Trainer and instructor). The VTM magazine published a special insert Lekce kulturismu (Lessons of bodybuilding) and later the book Kulturistika (Bodybuilding), by authors Fiala and Muller, were published. It was sold out with sales of 149,000 copies. Only the historic epic Romulus and Remus (starring Steve Reeves) convinced me how aesthetic and worthwhile following bodybuilders' physiques could become.

I entered the bodybuilding club in Vršovice; my first trainer was Otto Bárta.
In 1966, at the age of 17, I took a promising 4th place finish in Prague Championship. My measurements were: Height - 5ft 8", Weight - 165lbs, Chest - 45", Arms - 15.5", Thigh - 23".
At the age of 18 I commenced two-year military service which did not give me the opportunity to work out.

I was accepted into technical school and in May we set up a bodybuilding club in Radotín near Prague. We gained great inspiration from the posing routines of Bohumil Divílek from Zlín (those days called Gottwaldov) who was considered unbeatable. In my next contest, the Regional Championship in Pardubice on 20th March 1971, I took 6th place.
Next, in the Chomutov GP on 19th June 1971, I took 4th place.
We organised the Town Radotín Cup on 26th June 1971 and I took 5th place.
In 1968 - 1971 there were two men's categories: under 5ft 8" and over 5ft 8". In 1972, when the number of competitors increased, they divided the categories into three: under 5ft 6", under 5ft 9" and over 5ft 9".

In the CSR Championship I took 9th place. Afterwards, I realised that I did not have the necessary definition and made a drastic change in my diet. In the next contest, the 3rd year of the Hradec Králové Ironworks Championship, I took 3rd place and was 17th in the national ranking.

An unsuccessful 3rd place in the Regional Championship lead me to a deep analysis of my training approach, and to study the experiences of successful competitors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva and Ricky Wayne. Afterwards, I made a necessary change in my training program, aiming to participat

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