World vice-champion, absolute Europe champion, honoured CSSR champion of sports

Trainers' school of Petr Stach, accredited institution by MŠMT, c.j. 28067/05-20/548, offers all applicants for fitness jobs and the opportunity to take part in courses in the following fields:
- bodybuilding
- fitness
- aerobics
- medicinal physical education
- sports and keep-fit massage in all spheres except from health service
Successful graduates obtain a certificate with a nationwide validity.

Gained knowledge and experience can be applied in professional work at fitness centres, hotel sports facilities, in health and keep-fit fields.
Considering the fact, that obtaining a certificate in an accredited institution is a necessary requirement of issuing a trade licence, our school also offers retraining for the following activities:
1. fitness centre instructor
2. personal bodybuilding instructor
3. bodybuilding instructor

Special seminars offers
These seminars are dedicated to both the skilled and amateur public, who are interested particularly in the fields of fitness and nutrition.
These seminars take a full days training. All participants receive a certificate for attendance to the seminar

Adresa sídla:
Pod Drinopolem 1660/2
169 00 Praha 6 – Břevnov
tel./fax: 233 355 117

Majitel školy: Petr Stach
tel.: 00420 602 386 139, e-mail: petrstach@volny.cz ,

Tajemnice školy: Jaroslava Stachová
Hlavní 280, 353 01 Mariánské Lázně
tel.: 00420 606 101 466
e-mail: s.jarouska@seznam.cz

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